Text Block Central is where I share my artworks (usually in development) while doing my writing, research & collaboration. Here's a list of things I care about:  poetry, poetics & creative writing : poetry-as-data & vice versa : digital humanities : NLP & ML : sequentiality : taxonomy : open access : decolonisation & democratisation of data : library & archive potentiality : eco-poetics : numbers, shapes, sounds & lines : Branding & ID : SpLD & assistive software : generative techniques, chaos & spontaneity in CPD and creative practice.

My logo: utilises an icon by Henrik Lund Mikkelsen, The Noun Project in the Adobe Spark Post app (Creative Commons attribution). The combination of Mikkelsen's boxed & off-centred "T", together with the TBC text, honours the hybridity of the prose poetry form - or is it a genre, or sub-genre? For clarity and to pin my personal colours to the mast, prose poetry is poetry and my logo is a device, a brand, a mark of certainty that resonates with the off-centredness, and chaos, of both poetry and the wider world.