The world contains a lot of amazing things. All of these things are made by a person or people. Whatever tools or approaches are used, real people still make what we find online.

I love the internet as it gives me access to many wonderful artworks and other brilliant things that I don't know & could never think of - and I use online spaces to inform my own practice. Whenever I share an artwork that isn't mine I always do my level-best to acknowledge the source(s).

If you like the artworks here and want to share them, or use them in teaching, or to inform your own practice - or however/wherever, then please let me know & please credit me. I don't sell my visual artworks, but instead use them as part of my creative journeying and journaling. When I use other artworks in my practice I always credit and point people to the artist's websites and other digital assets.

Let's all play fair, give credit where it's due and expect the same in return.