My current prose poetry collection is called Callisto.

It is my fourth collection, and my first full prose poetry book.

All my books are important to me but this one is a big deal as it's taken my prose maquettes out of my journals and into the world, while showing me - once & for all - just how much cross over there is between poetry and computer languages and coding.

Callisto was published in the UK by Red Squirrel Press in June 2018.

The UK poet Gillian Allnutt wrote an amazing review of Callisto which appears on the back cover. Read it here.

Please note: the first edition of Callisto has now sold out. A reprint/2nd edition is imminent.

The black & white image is from a set of photographs taken by Mel Ashby that were used at the Newcastle launch of Callisto. West Street is where my mother lived. The street, back then, was called Gluehouse Lane.