Diptych + Triptych

'The inquest [diptych.v], (.v extension = vertical)

'Your film of that dog coming to a stop',  [triptych.h] (.h extension = horizontal)

'The Inquest' has proved to be one of the most popular I have shared to date on social media. It is an artwork exploring a traumatic event that I am not able to write about in words and is an expression of the movement in my practice towards the asemic and non-verbal. It is a bi-folded image taken in Dec 2018 on the Grand Union Canal in Hertfordshire. It is one of a growing sequence exploring that which cannot be expressed and is part of my PhD practice.

'Your film of that dog...' was a moment captured at Hospital Fields in Arbroath, Scotland, where I spent three amazing days, in Oct 2017, at a Shared Practice Symposium designed and delivered by poet, printmaker, publisher and researcher Jo Clement.