My prose poem triptych 'Gaze' won first prize in the Welshpool International Poetry Competition 2018 and was selected by UK poet Andrew McMillan, who wrote this about it in his judge's report:

"'Gaze is a poem that I'm still working out each time I read it; the definite nature of the title is misleading, it's a kaleidoscopic, shifting poem which keeps returning the reader to a place of uncertainty. Each time we return to it things appear slightly clearer, we see a little more, but then the ground moves beneath us again. It's as if we are looking at the world through a diamond."

To read 'Gaze' you can download it from the Welshpool site. Andrew's report can be read in full here as well. [Both documents download in Word.]


[Setting note: prose poetry is a challenge to set for a number of extra-textual reasons. I am trying to work out a way to post the poem here - on my own website - but don't want to do that until I have solved the issue of justified left and right margins that don't mess up between-word spacing.]