poe[t]ech is a cross-discipline, CPD sandpit for professionals actively exploring the intersections and divergences between poetics + technology.

The first iteration of poe[t]ech is the meeting place for a small group of people passionate about creative dialogue + its applications. Founded by me in autumn 2018, I have just recruited my inaugural members and we'll converge in our poe[t]ech Slack Group. Once I clear my doctorate I'll be ramping up activities (autumn/winter 2019/10).

poe[t]ech's brand is both a compound word and phrase without word breaks. It pays homage to the prose poetry of Edgar Allan Poe (EAP); the t-in-square brackets notation; the energy of plate tectonics; and the tech of technology. Prose poetry is at the heart of everything here at Text Block Central & I am sure EAP would approve. I wanted to find a poet with the initials API but didn't manage that in time for the launch of my site. (Coders/poets/creatives out there - any ideas?)

poe[t]ech : creativity from the code face