Literal Fish is a micro press I run with frontend designer-developer, photographer and fine artist Melanie Ashby.

The press arose from our shared love of essays, manifestos and chapbooks and to date we have published three titles, including icumen by UK Poet and 2016 recipient of the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry, Gillian Allnutt; and Two River's and the Sea, a poetic visual essay inspired by the Northumberland coastline and the life and works of Rachel Carson.

The strapline we chose for Literal Fish is "livre de poche for modern times" after we bought lots of chapbooks during short breaks in Paris. (Livre de poche = pocketbook.)

"Portefeuille" translates as pocketbook and I am intrigued by the pulling apart of pamphlets to explore their sequentiality.

The visual poems I make from screen shots and stills explore this idea and 'This conversation can serve no further purpose, goodbye', shown below, is taken from a single photograph I took of my TV while watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. Kubrick's film is one of my favourites, as is the novel of the same name by Arthur C Clarke. The screenshot is of Bowman walking towards the airlock as he prepares to go EVA. The title is a line of dialogue from the film, spoken by HAL and the concept of going/being EVA is central to my doctoral thesis.