Strange Bedfellows

Informed by current & emergent creative writing discourse, surrealist art, random association & with a commitment to the spontaneous creative response, I specialise in writing and creativity workshops that inspire and motivate.

Here's some of the feedback I received over 8 years of running Strange Bedfellows courses:

“Creative, eclectic and immensely inspiring.”

“Strange Bedfellows appeals to people who enjoy workshops but have got a little tired of the standard format.”

“Superbly delivered by someone with a passion for their art.”

“The prompts, particularly the more obscure ones, made me re-evaluate how I approach my writing.”

“Fired parts of my imagination I didn’t even realise I had.”

“Original and thought-provoking.”

“... provided a huge range of resources to work from. The course tutor was seriously well prepared.”

“You’ll never look at the world in the same way again and writer’s block will be a thing of the past.”

“A unique course that is incredibly inspiring delivered by an excellent teacher.”

“Strange Bedfellows took my writing to a different level.”

“The pitch and speed of Strange Bedfellows made the group write a lot without too much internal ‘editing’ – so producing a lot of original work.”


As an experienced tutor & workshop leader I have taught Creative Writing, poetry, prose and experimental writing in a huge variety of contexts including in universities and schools, community, co-inquiry and participatory projects and in medical schools and other healthcare and educational CPD settings. A previous Teaching Fellow at Northumbria and Newcastle Universities I explore & deploy radical pedagogies.